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Our heart lies in our two hundred and forty acre vineyard, nestled in the region of Akluj.

Our vineyards tie together the love and lore which bind Fratelli, an integral part of the soul of our wines.

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It started with a dream…

Love, passion and a shared vision bring us together as one – the Fratelli family. Dedicated to excellence and faithful to philosophy, our wines are the embodiment of our journey and the stories that make it.

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vacation paradise!

Surround yourself with a remarkable landscape and an impeccable range of wines as you soak in the beauty of Fratelli Vineyards. Visit for the wine, stay for the view.

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Biodiversity at the vineyard!

Surreal to have witnessed biodiverse flora and fauna at the vineyard.

Ever wondered why all wine racks are made to store bottles horizontally? Since a lot of traditional

A blend of 80% Chardonnay and 20% Sauvignon Blanc, MS white is the embodiment of what the MS range o

It’s a new month and we have some news for you! The vineyard is officially open to visitors 🎉


Vineyard views during harvest season.🍇

We’re so proud to be purveyors of Indian wine culture. Thro

We are often asked if our cheese is 100% vegetarian. The answer to that is YES! 🥂

All our cheese i

Pictured here are our finest quality French Oak barrels - essential to the production of world class

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Happy Father’s Day from us to you. 🍷 

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Why do we swirl wine? Swirling your wine helps heighten and highlight its aromas, giving you a clear

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